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The Joy of GoodReads

I’ve been slow to learn about GoodReads.  Two of our authors urged me to get involved several years ago, but I didn’t think I had time: Too busy publishing books.

Now I’m a believer.  We just did a give-away on GoodReads for Gin Getz’s wonderful book The Color of the Wild: An Intimate Look at Life in an Untamed Land.   Over four hundred people asked to receive a free copy (we were only giving away ten books).  We’re ready to mail those ten copies tomorrow morning, but in addition I received names and page links for the 393 people who lost this lottery.   Today I spent time looking at their profiles – and I want to be friends with ALL of them.

Scrolling through the titles of books these men and women have read simply boggles my mind. Some of them list thousands of books.  Good books, not junk.  This touches my heart.  And they write thoughtful reviews.


I guarantee we’ll be giving away more books on GoodReads, and I’ll be a regular visitor and reviewer.  Better late than never!

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  1. Fellow “Goodreads-latecomer” here–I just started actively using my account at the very end of December, and I’m HOOKED! I don’t know what took me so long! Here’s the post I wrote right after I joined if you’re interested–


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