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Do REAL Publishers Sell Books to Authors?


Do REAL publishers sell books to authors?

The answer is “YES, of course we do.”

I thought this was a no-brainer until I read a recent Internet post by a yet-to-be-published writer. In a diatribe against publishers, he said, “A legitimate publisher would never sell books to their authors.”

Maria Ross (Branding Basics for Small Business) uses her book to gain clients

Maria Ross (Branding Basics for Small Business) uses her book to gain clients

That’s totally false.

Like every other “real” publisher, we happily sell books to our authors at the same discount we give bookstores. The writers are free to either sell the books for profit at special events, or give them away. These are examples of how our authors take advantage of this opportunity:

  1. A business author purchased 3,000 copies of his book as gifts for students at his alma mater.
  2. Another author purchased 50 books to give away to friends and family who helped on his journey to becoming a writer.
  3. A scholastic author purchases books to sell at the back of the room after her lectures.
  4. Parenting authors purchase books to sell (or include in a packet) at their parenting workshops.
  5. Two of our fitness authors sell books at their studio.
  6. One author owns a bookstore. Naturally, he buys books for the store.
  7. A business professional gives books to prospective clients.
  8. One author gives away books on her radio show.
  9.  We drop ship boxes of books to convention halls where one of our authors sells them after her speeches.

We can’t afford to give away hundreds of books for our authors, but we understand their desire to have books on hand, to make extra profit beyond royalties, to sell books at special events, and to give away books as they see fit.

A publisher who sells books to authors at a discount is not the same as self- publishing, where the author pays for editing, formatting, cover design, and the publisher’s time. So don’t be alarmed if your publishing contract mentions author book sales.  Be happy!  It’s a great way for you to make even more money than your royalties will provide.

A great investment for writers

A great investment for writers

Sammie Justesen is a publisher and the author of Dialogue for Writers, released in May, 2014.

She is also an artist and president of the Lawrence County Art Association.

A new review of Dialogue for Writers

This book delivers. If you are a writer, you’ll find a wealth of information and insight that will allow you to assess your style and discover practical ways to make good writing better.
Even popular published authors can benefit from this book. For instance, I am a Stephenie Meyer fan. She is a master of her genre, but if she had read Sammie Justesen’s book, Edward would not have”snickered” and “chuckled” so much that these particular dialogue tags became annoying and distracting. Sammie Justesen’s book offers great advice from a number of perspectives including the all-important publisher’s perspective. I have no hesitation in rating it a five-star book.


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