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Dialogue for Writers — Coming Soon!

FRONT cover final I’m excited! My new book Dialogue for Writers: Create Powerful Dialogue in Fiction and Nonfiction will be published by NorLightsPress on April 15.  This is be my first published work in several years, because I’ve been using my creative talent (such as it is) to work on other people’s books.  But a few months ago, my husband Dee goaded me into action. Thank you, Dee!  And now the book is ready.   It’s available for pre-order on at this address:

Why did I choose to focus on dialogue?  Because dialogue seems easy to write, but isn’t.  Yet, it can make or break a book, article, or screenplay.  Dialogue is the ultimate power trip: We put words into the mouths of other people.  We decide what they say and how they say it. The writer is totally in charge—except when our characters come to life and take over, which is even MORE fun.

Many writers haven’t tapped into the power of dialogue for genres such as journalism, family history, journals, poetry, and memoir. Dialogue for Writers will be the only book on the market that explores dialogue for all these genres, plus children’s books, graphic novels, screenplays, and general fiction.

A few tips and tricks from Dialogue for Writers:

Tension, Conflict, and Suspense

If you don’t build at least one of these elements into each scene, you have no story.

  1.  Goals and motivation create tension.  Every character in every scene should have a goal and motivation.  Don’t let them speak without it.
  2. If two characters’ goals and motivation clash—all the better.  Now you have conflict, plus added tension.
  3. What happens next?  Make the readers curious: Then you have suspense.

Show, Don’t Tell       

Don’t use dialogue tags to tell how people speak.  Show it with action.

Telling:  “Come here!” Tom ordered.

Showing: “Come here!” Tom waved me closer.

Telling: “I’m so sorry,” she apologized.

Showing: “I’m sorry, Tom.” She threw back her head and stared at the ceiling.

I’ll be posting more tips and techniques from the book in the coming days.  I hope it will benefit writers in every genre!   If you’d like to review Dialogue for Writers on your blog, on Amazon, or anywhere else, please let me know and I’ll send you a book.  

attitude-affects-work  As always, I enjoy reading your comments!


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